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Pretty interesting looking truck, right? Well, it’s not just any truck! It’s a massive vacuum on wheels. Garrett & Jessica Roberts were looking for a duct cleaning service for their own renovated home, unfortunately, they weren’t able to find one that thoroughly cleans the ducts locally. While researching duct cleaning they came across the opportunity to purchase their own truck and finally get the ducts cleaned.

One of the many reasons I love Capitol City Duct Cleaning is because it is a Veteran Owned Business and an adorable family that goes above and beyond in everything they do!

Garrett & Jessica wanted me to experience their service and duct cleaning first hand before the radio show so I had no reservations recommending them to my listeners and clients. Garrett did an amazing job. He explained the process, showed me photos (which I told him he could share as long as he didn’t say whose house the photos came from.) We had an amazing husky, Zeus, and let’s just say he left Zeus sprinkles everywhere. We have a gravel drive, raised 3 kids and over the years 6 dogs have ruled the house. I have to say I was shocked by how little I have to dust now. My husband had been out of town and noticed his allergies had gotten worse when he came home. After Garret was done he no longer had a stuffy nose!

Improve the Health of Your Home

Garrett & Jessica joined my Real Estate 101 talk show for the month of January. Shows one, two and three are above and show four is below. Be sure and check out the duct below. Did you know that new construction and post-renovation ducts are some of the dirtiest ducts? I have to admit I was kind of puzzled by this. You would think this would be a part of the new construction contract, right? It should be. If you think about it dogs, cats, kids, renovations and just general dirt accumulation it’s enough to make you want to pick up the phone right now, right? Well, here’s Capitol City Duct Cleaning’s phone number 785-484-2801.

Just a few reasons to clean your ducts:

• Less dust circulating through your home means less dust on your furniture.

• Breathe better with fewer allergens and irritants

• A better smelling home due to less odor, especially with pets and smoke.

• Increased air flow

Let’s talk about dryer vents too! Did you know that dryer vents cause 2,900 fires on average a year with an approximate $35 Million in damages. *per

For both dryer and duct cleaning you cannot go wrong calling Capitol City Duct Cleaning.

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