Karey Brown


Hello! I’m pretty new at this blogging/podcast/video-blog gig so bare with me! I’ll get it down, I promise! My goal is to have this be the go to for everything real estate. I’m not much of a “fluff” person, well, as long as you don’t count my waistline. My goal is to educate! There are plenty of places to check out the fluffy stuff. You’ll find recordings from a lot of guests from my Real Estate 101 Talk Radio Show. There is a ton a great information in the recordings. The topics range from how an appraisal is calculated and what is important to know; home inspections – what they are looking for and a heads up for things to check out before you’re in a real estate transaction to how to protect your investments. Almost 6 years of radio shows yields a lot of great content.

I’ve been a real estate agent/broker for 18 years. I’ve been very fortunate to have sold a lot of homes, up to 200+ a year. Your average real estate agent sells 5 homes a year. Having been involved in so many transactions has given me exposure to all kinds of transactions from your standard transactions to equity trading in a room full of Brokers from around the country trading their clients properties inside of 1031’s. I’ve been a coach, a Broker/Owner of a Realty Executives franchise to now an Agent Owner with eXp Realty LLC. My team and I did a lot of research on eXp Realty when it came time for me to renew my Franchise Agreement. The truth is, I didn’t love being a managing broker. At all. What I love is working with clients and I found myself only doing paperwork, compliance and putting out fires ALL of the time. eXp Realty was and is the best of both worlds.

I owned a Franchise and at the end of the day there wasn’t enough money after everyone got paid to pay myself anywhere neat what I was used to making. Now, I get to have my cake and eat it too! eXp Realty has grown leaps and bounds since we first joined. I believe there was roughly 5,000 agents when we joined the company and now there are over 45,000 and growing every single day. Now I love my career again!

I am a wife to Troy Brown, owner of Brown’s Tree Service. We purchased it from his dad Valentines Day 2000. Most girls want diamonds….I got trees. We have 3 amazing kids who are now grown and on their own. Cody was 7 when I passed my real estate exam. He has worked as one of our transaction coordinators for roughly 7 years! Dalton was a one year old when I started. He wants NOTHING to do with real estate but he works with Troy at Brown’s instead. He can also tint some windows and does really well with his side business, Misfit Cars LLC. Cassidy was a newborn and like Dalton, wants nothing to do with Real Estate either. She has worked in the medical field and got out of training just as Covid hit. The things she has learned to do is amazing. She got her “stomach” from her dad because I pass out at the site of blood. We also have Ms Calliope, our puggle, who runs the house….just ask her. She is small but in charge. We love to scuba dive and travel. I’m a “creative-type”. I love to make things and paint when I have time.

I’m really lucky to work with a great team and have slowly been turning the reins over to April Comstock and Chris Frey as my co-team leads. We are growing the team and making it better and better all of the time. I’ve been so fortunate to have some great people endorse me and the team over the years which you will see below. Jim Daniels of 94.5 Country for a little over 4 years. Gary LeVox of Rascal Flats has joined our celebrity line up with a super cool jingle that hopefully sticks around and gets you singing it too.

I do hope you love the blog and the great people you’ll get to know here. Be sure and subscribe to our newsletter so you get the latest and greatest interviews as they come out. I promise there is a lot of great content coming your way! If you are looking to buy, sell or invest be sure and give us a call at 785-213-5188 or email letstalk@preferredadvisorsteam.com

– Sincerely, Karey Brown